RAM-8 Groep

Plastician artists collective: Anusch Bayens, Carlo De Pauw, Carmen Geens, Mark Pieters, Marianne Staels, André Thomas, Alex Van Bogaert, Samuel Verbiese.
Overijse, Belgium
The 'RAM-8 Groep' artists collective, based in Overijse, Belgium, has previously taken part in the Enschede 2013, Seoul 2014, Baltimore 2015, Finland 2016 and Waterloo 2017 Bridges Exhibits (see details in Conference papers 'Bridges Exhibits as Incentives for Collaborative Works', I, in 2015, II, in 2016 and III, in 2018).

This time, it presents a collaborative sculpture after Carmen, this year's team-member in charge of the overall project idea she devoted in a metaphorical way to a natural setting involving geometrical shapes including polyhedra (decorated flower hearts as personal contributions). So Alex, Carlo, Carmen and Anusch, with further hints from all other team-members, developed and constructed the present flower garden.
Happy flowerbed
75 x 88 x 88 cm
MDF, cartonboard, steel, paints
An octagonal plate in eight different shades of brownish dirt represents a flowerbed ground on which eight flowers of different heights with their annular crowns placed radially turn their polyhedral decorated hearts upwards around, according to the personal tastes of the group members.

See details in paper "Bridges as an Incentive to Collaborative Works III".