Stephen M Campbell

Clark Art Ltd
Manchester, UK

My paintings have always come about from wondering ‘what will happen if I apply this method?’ or ‘how can I make sense of this?’ In this way I use Mathematics as a frame work for approaching a subject or as a tool to solve a problem, such as “what would this look like through the back of my head?”, “what if the surface of my eye was bigger than the thing I am looking at?”

Angelika's Autumn Boots
60 x 40 cm

Most approaches to perspective involve measuring incidental angles at one observation point. What I have slovenly termed concave perspective puts this in reverse so that there is a focal point from which the incidental angles are measured from and objects are projected from this point onto a dome shaped intersection and this dome is stereographically projected onto the canvas. This being quite confusing, I built a little geodesic dome, mapped it onto a canvas and put some shoes in. I like it, they have a playful character.