Teruhisa Sugimoto

For a long time, tessellation (tiling), covering, and packing have fascinated me. Especially tessellations by convex pentagons have a relationship with roughly half of my life. The time I have been doing mathematical exploration so far was long, but artistic curiosity was always in me. In recent years, I spend a lot of time on artistic activities.

TH-pentagons and hexagonal flowers
60 x 90 x 1 cm

The convex pentagon in the model includes 7/3 equilateral triangles, and is a unique convex pentagon obtained from a trisected heptiamond (TH). This convex pentagon has been termed as a “TH-pentagon” by the associated authors. TH-pentagons can form hexagonal flowers of three different sizes. A small hexagonal flower comprises 18 TH-pentagons, with a single unique pattern. A medium hexagonal flower consists of 72 TH-pentagons and possesses 15 unique patterns. A large hexagonal flower comprises 162 TH-pentagons, along with two unique patterns. The TH-pentagon can create infinite patterns of tessellation.

In the proposed model, players are challenged to fill the frame of each hexagonal flower by using pieces that are shaped as TH-pentagons.