Vinson Milligan

Graphic Designer/Exhibits Designer
No affiliation; Graphic Designer
Portland, Oregon, USA

I'm an artist and designer originally from Philadelphia PA and currently reside in Portland OR. I'm a two-time graduate at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in Painting & Drawing and an MFA in Museum Exhibition Planning + Design. Aside from interests in art + design, my personal artwork is sometimes influenced by my philosophical interests in mathematics/number theory, geometry, cosmology, and metaphysics. I enjoy the challenge of making such ideas intelligible and tangible through visually skating between abstraction and representation. I have a strong and personal advocacy for science and exploration. My summer internship for my MFA included a two month stay at the Tekniska museet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Prime Petals
90 x 90 cm
Digital print

This work was sort of an experiment in my investigation of the Riemann Hypothesis. It may be hard to see in this small file, but this work is meant to be viewed on a 5ft x 5ft poster size, to see the detail. I started with a flower of 3 petals with a radius of 3, then another flower behind that with 5 petals with a radius of 5, and so forth for all prime numbers up to 241. To me, the work and the color arrangement juxtaposed with the blackness of the background is stark contrast of something cosmic, like a snapshot of the moment immediately following the big bang. To me, the prime numbers represent an order of simplistic progression which yields a chaotic sequence of relationships, much like the universe we live in currently.

Circles Sieve
60 x 90 cm
Digital print

This work was also sort of an experiment in my investigation of the Riemann Hypothesis, but more so for art sake. It is the sieve of Eratosthenes. Each colored circle represents a prime number up to 97. What stood out to me are the conic forms emanating from the origin which connotes a rhythm or movement of a projected cone. I also enjoy, as in the previous work, to explore the simplistic process of generating primes and seeing the chaotic relationships which unfold within it.