Yi Feng

Artist, Computer Engineer in Computer Vision
Nanjing Puzanjia Info Technology Co. , Ltd
Nanjing, China

I'm an artist and computer engineer in computer vision, fascinated by New Media Art. Thus, I always try to create some original mathematical artworks. I appreciate one remark from Max Bill, “Despite the fact that the basis of this mathematical way of thinking in art is in reason, its dynamic content is able to launch us on astral flights which soar into unknown and still uncharted regions of the imagination.”

Amazing Pi
24 x 120 cm
Archival Digital Print

Pi is a very mysterious number, because no matter how large a circle is, the ratio of its circumference to the diameter is always a fixed number. It is a non-repeating and non-terminating decimal. In mathematics, Pi plays a very important role.

I were inspired by reading an interesting piece of news. A Japanese publishing group released a book with Pi to one million place. Considering that the image is more easily acceptable by the public, I did some work for the graphical presentation of Pi. The six figures represent the Pi of different digits, in that order from left to right, which are 80, 360, 9800, 25280, 39600, 249000 digits of Pi. The growing Pi is a symbol of mankind's constant exploration of the unknown world.

The mysterious Audrey Hepburn
80 x 80 cm
Archival Digital Print

Audrey Hepburn is one of the greatest actresses in a century. Therefore, I created the artwork from a portrait of her. As a great actor, she often shows the best side to the audiences. However, the profoundness and mystery of her soul hidden behind the appearance is always unpredictable. In my artwork, Hepburn 's faces are rendered with the various lines generated by different math functions mapping. With the extension of line traces, the mood of Hepburn at the different life stages seems to appear dynamically and gradually. Saluting to Audrey Hepburn! Saluting to the mystical math!