Carol Branch

Carlsbad, California USA

I am a self-taught artist, fascinated by patterns and colors.

Ten years ago I saw my first fractal and downloaded ChaosPro.

I never had a full understanding or appreciation for the importance of math during

my formal education. I overcame this challenge by studying

books on fractal geometry, topology, and a math terminology dictionary;

researching everything new as I created fractals with ChaosPro.

I began experimenting with Chaoscope several months later. After many years of practice I have

been able to refine my techniques to get unique one of a kind results.

My creations are extraordinary in harmony, richness, and variety; and employ the rainbow

palette to create stunning hues and texture.

Jelly Fish
41 x 55 cm
Oct. 2017

This is a polynomial function sin strange attractor. I created this piece in chaoscope. I render at max iterations of 4294967295 when using this program and this design was rendered in plasma.

I have used this program for 10 years now and I am always inspired to create new variations with beautiful colors and effects. My chaoscope images are always unique as I study the images already out there and strive to always make mine different.