Bronna Butler

B. A. Baroque Arts, LLC
Mountainside, New Jersey
My life has been a woven fabric of Arts and Sciences. An early interest in both areas resulted in two rotating careers, one in the applied arts and another in finance/sciences. My current artwork, multifaceted glass, mirror and metal sculptural-portraits of mathematicians, physicists and the general sciences, unites my two passions. Stylistically, my painting techniques are derived from the Baroque and Renaissance periods. During these two periods of art, artists were involved in the “science” of the arts including the chemistry of their paints, precise anatomy and perspective, architectural principles and scientifically-based observations. The content and purpose of art, during these periods, also embraced the sciences and mathematics.
Gardner Rabbit
43 x 30 cm
Print of the original drawing in charcoal and pastel
My drawing of “Gardner Rabbit” is an homage to Marin Gardner, Lewis Carroll and the first illustrator of the “Alice” books, John Tenniel. I replicated the body of one of Tenniel’s white rabbit illustrations and replaced the rabbit’s head with my portrait of Martin Gardner with rabbit ears. I added a chessboard floor and surrounded him with books, (Gardner was a prolific author). Both Gardner and Carroll enjoyed puzzles and games. The drawing includes an enciphered word in red letters. The alphabet cipher, used to encode the word, was created by Carroll in 1868. All of the information needed to decipher the word is available on the books piled around Gardner Rabbit’s feet.