Carolyn Yackel and Julie Beier

Professor of Mathematics (for Carolyn), Associate Professor of Mathematics (for Julie)
Mercer University (for Carolyn), Earlham College (for Julie)
Macon, Georgia USA (for Carolyn); Richmond, Indiana USA (for Julie)

Beier-Yackel collaborations are driven by mathematical curiosity, intensity, joy, and laughter. We hope to express the beauty we find in mathematics through our work. Another intentional goal of our work is to make sophisticated mathematical ideas resonate with others including the beginning mathematician and the mathematically timid.

30 x 50 cm
Digital Print

DragonKite was inspired by the Welcome Blanket project founded by Jayna Zweiman. This piece combines the twenty-seven distinct classes of two-by-two Truchet tiles, equivalent up to symmetries of D_4 and color exchange, in a playful modern arrangement evoking the images in the title. All two-by-two tiles of the same color have the same stabilizer in D_4. The mathematics underlying the piece is informed by Hall, Almeida, and Texiera, but was computed independently.