Dan Bach

3D Math Artist / Interactive Book Author
Oakland, CA, USA

I'm Dan Bach, former college mathematics teacher from California. After using Mathematica for over 25 years in the classroom, teacher workshops, and conference talks, I am now a 3D math artist and interactive book author. My students have been known to create mathematical graphics, movies, and sounds; either as class assignments or purely for pleasure. The present work involves vector calculus, number theory, geometry, and visual composition. I hope all the art at this show inspires you to go out and create some of your own!

Slinky Spheres
40 x 45 cm
Inkjet Print on Canvas

Twenty colored spheres are surrounded by ten greenish, slinky-like toroidal helices. The helices also follow paths traced out by linear combinations of the normal and binormal vectors to the curve joining the centers of the spheres. This makes a kind of a symbiotic-geometric relationship between the solid objects and the surrounding safety net. Do you see a pattern for the colors of the spheres?