Gabriele Meyer

Senior Lecturer
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Madison WI

I like to crochet hyperbolic surfaces.

The technical difficulty with these surfaces is to crochet them without having to cut the plastic line, or cut it as few times as possible, These objects were each crocheted around two runs of plastic line.

For the interior shape I used thick line and for the waves around the perimeter the thinnest line.

seed pod shaped lamp with spiraling hyperbolic band
60 x 40 x 40 cm
yarn and shaped line

This piece started as an ellipsoid. I then crocheted a band spiraling around it from top to bottom. Eventually this band became hyperbolic. Solutions to differential equations can look like this.

Or the object could look like a seed pod.

curved diamond shaped lamp with 6 hyperbolic axes
93 x 50 x 50 cm
yarn and shaped line

The basic shape of this object is a curved diamond. I then crocheted six vertical hyperbolic axes in a triple wave.