John Snow

Professor of Mathematics
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Belton, Texas, USA

I started using mathematics and coding to generate images in 2013 when I first taught a programming class for artists. The mathematics is refreshing. The coding is relaxing. Producing a mathematical work that can be appreciated by a general audience is rewarding.

21 x 21 cm
Digital Print

I randomly compose functions to create a function of two variables with composition tree of depth eight. I then select a random RGB color and interpret values of the function on the rectangle with corners (-1, -1) and (1, 1) as colors between the selected color and its RGB complement to create an image. It is not unusual for the images to display periodic repetition of objects, a balance of local and global symmetries, and the illusion of depth; however, it is also not uncommon for the images to contain only a hint of these regular features scattered across what otherwise appears to be a random background.