Yvette Kaiser Smith

Chicago, Illinois, USA

I create wall-based geometric abstractions by devising systems for mapping and visualizing numerical values of sequences from the numbers pi and e while utilizing grid and repetition of simple geometric shapes. Numbers are the direct source of abstraction.

My past works are geometric, crocheted fiberglass constructions. Recently, I began exploring new systems of mapping sequences, anchored in drawing. These 2D works range from simple notations as graph plots to complex layered patterns that visualize hundreds of digits. This exploration led to a new body of work in laser-cut acrylic-sheet with template-like cut-outs with some stacking and use of shallow spacers. Here, simple geometric shapes and panel placement plot numerical values.

Excerpts from pi (187-210) (554-580) (685-711)
29 x 45 x 5 cm
Laser-cut acrylic sheet, nylon spacers, capped hardware. Three panels: clear with green edge, 31% light transmission white, and fluorescent green.

This small set comes from my initial laser-cut group which is a series of template-like panels with simple geometric cut-outs that visualize numerical values following sequences from pi. Top panel, for example, has the designation of π 187-210, that is, cut-outs visualize value of the 187th digit through the 210th digit of pi. Each panel creates its own unique language made complex by the stacking.