GianLuca Stasi

Architect, Activist, Artist, PhD Student at Architecture Faculty of the Universidad de Sevilla.
Seville, Spain

My research and practical experimentation around geometry explore the challenge to self build socially useful structures trough simples, inclusive and appropriable dynamics and locally harvested materials.

This isn't incompatible with the apparent complexity of the proposed designs and with enchanting aesthetics.

Those iconic geometries endow the process with the power to rise the self-esteem and contribute to community's identity through its direct involvement in their creation.

Their presence in public spaces allow people to enjoy and appreciate the movements and the transformations of the patterns, and allows me to anonymously sit and experience the spontaneous debate about mathematics and geometries they create.

Geometric for the people
42 x 42 cm

As part of Seville's Christmas Programme "Luces de Barrio" a structure was built inside the J. R. Murube High School patio where the association "Verdes del Sur" cultivates a neighborhood urban garden.

With the appropriate design and training protocols, geometry together with gardeners, teachers and students, built a structure which will last long after holidays end.

Thanks to the lightness and simplicity of the structural elements, everybody from housewives to children, grandfathers to school staff could participate in the collective construction of a new narrative and a new collective imaginary in the neighborhood.

Alexandra Kononchenko and Diversofoto photographed the darker and brighter sides of the inauguration event.