James Stasiak

New Milford, Connecticut USA

I take photos of natural and constructed design, color and composition and create mandala-like images in a meditative process. The mathematical constructs of rotation and reflection vary with each piece, and within each series. In my work, rotational layering and directed color interaction is based on mathematical formulae in photo editing software developed specifically for these purposes. Every aspect of digital photography from capture to editing to reproduction is based on equations which determine how color is reproduced. My work is truly dependent on these interactions to communicate my imagination and perception to the viewer. Since my photo source is reality, I believe that the depth and extent of these perceptions is limitless.

into the sun
38 x 50 cm
Archival giclée print

This image was created in a meditative process from an original photograph which had an interesting combination of design and color. In processing and constructing this image, mathematically-based combinative interactions of color, luminosity and rotation enabled the final image to develop. This is a unique construction because my original photograph was modified in a series of steps controlled by my direction.