Mircea Draghicescu

Mathematical artist
Portland, Oregon, USA

I'm interested finding new ways to build modular geometric sculptures by connecting copies of some simple shape.

Although each object is unique, my goal is to find general elements (shapes, connection mechanisms) that can be used to create many similar sculptures.

Spiky ball
30 x 30 x 30 cm
Plastic (vinyl)

This artwork is based on the observation that any polyhedron edge is connected to exactly 4 other edges (by definition, two edges are connected if they share both a face and a vertex).

The flexible pieces with 4 connection points, viewed as polyhedron edges, can thus model any polyhedron.

Multi-layer sculptures can be created by the addition of a fifth connection point at the center of each piece which allows connections between layers. Each new layer models the rectification of the polyhedron modeled by the previous layer and has twice as many pieces.

This work has four layers corresponding to a tetrahedron, octahedron, cuboctahedron, and rhombicuboctahedron, respectively; it has 6+12+24+48=90 cross-shaped pieces and 96 (red) disks.