Nedeljko and Milka Adžić

Novi Sad Serbia

I was inspired by the Leonardo codex, and I realized the polyhedra ilustred by Leonardo da Vinci .Those polyhedra was influenced by Greece of the IV century BC,by the Platonic and Euclidean solids:among these,the dodecahedron was seen as an image of the universe in its entirety.The polyhedra represent both Renaissance elements of suprise and modern sculpture,highlighting the relevance of Leonardo and his artistic-intellectual context in the present time

Mazzocchio by Leonardo da Vinci
40 x 40 x 10 cm


The relationship between mathematics and artistic creation brings our attention to Filippo Brunelleschi, who invented perspective during the Renaissance period. The invention of perspective overturned the Medieval settings and brought about fundamental changes to the conception of painting. This was indeed a historical moment, in which an artist also became a mathematician.

In the Renaissance period, the use of polyhedrons and other geometric forms became more and more frequent. Mazzocchio, the popular Florentine headwear of the time, so became icon of perspective. Due to its complex perspective form, it became a challenge for many artists, including Leonardo da Vinci.