Regina Bittencourt

IT Consultant and Artist
Santiago, Chile

Mathematics exists since the creation of the universe and they wait to be discovered. I want to discover its beauty.

The Symmetric Four-Color Simple Imperfect Squared Square
50 x 50 cm
Acrylics on canvas

This artwork mixes three math problems:

It is a Simple Imperfect Squared Square of order 21, colored using the Four-Color Map Theorem and design and painted with Symmetry.

The 21 squares are not of different sizes which makes it imperfect; and simple because no subset of the squares forms a rectangle or a square.

The Four-Color Map Theorem states that any map in a plane can be painted using four colors, so that regions sharing a common boundary do not share the same color.

The main square has rotational Symmetry of order 4, since the tiling is invariant when rotated by 90 degrees.