Fr. Magnus Wenninger

Monk (deceased)
St. John's Abbey
Collegeville, Minnesota, USA

(I am submitting this in connection with the invited paper session commemorating Fr. Magnus.)

Five Intersecting Cubes
29 x 36 x 36 cm
paper and glue

Fr. Magnus Wenninger O. S. B. (1919 - 2017) created many wonderful polyhedral models. This one shows five colored cubes whose vertices are also the vertices of a regular dodecahedron. Each of these cubes shares 24 symmetries with the dodecahedron. These form the five conjugate subgroups isomorphic to A_4xZ_2 in the entire symmetry group.

There will be an invited paper session Friday afternoon called "Polyhedra, Commemerating Magnus J. Wenninger." His work spurred a resurgence of interest in polyhedral geometry.