Daniela Bertol

Daniela Bertol
Daniela Bertol
DANIELA BERTOL, PhD, is a research artist, designer and author exploring the convergences between art, mathematics, and technology. Daniela founded SpaceInk http://spaceink.net/—an interdisciplinary architecture and design practice spanning for over three decades, with cultural and art production in physical and digital space. The work encompasses hybrid processes at different scales and media, ranging from video, land art and performative actions to experiential places and fashion: mathematics is present as design methodology and also as a component of the theory of form behind Daniela's practice. Her latest project is the brand & psychosomatic practice "Healing Geometries" http://healinggeometries.spaceink.net/, a unique project underpinning a "wholistic" approach to mathematical education and wellness: a systemic process based on physical movement, art and design—deeply rooted in spiritual elements. She is the author of "Form Geometry Structure: from Nature to Design" and "Designing Digital Space", the first book on virtual reality in architecture; Daniela has also published several enhanced interactive multimedia ebooks distributed by iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/author/daniela-bertol/id464639241?mt=11#see-all/books
Daniela's work can be seen at http://danielabertol.com/ - excerpts of her art portfolio at http://issuu.com/deagoddess/docs/danielabertol-portfolio_excerpts and wearable art at https://issuu.com/deagoddess/docs/worldmaking-wearable_art_science-catalog_fall_2012
Aligned Geometries
3D printed nylon
The bracelet and rings are used as a means to become aware of the body alignment. The geometry underlying the 3D printed models are based on rotations about multiple axes, to generate forms recalling a Möbius strip, for the bracelet and warped surfaces for the rings. As typical for my wearable geometries a parallel is established between the geometric form and a human movement. Wearable geometries are dynamic configurations based on parametric models: forms are generated by scripts where a geometric transformation is associated to different parameters—e.g. the curvature, rotation angle, number and size of elements.
Phyllotaxis 4.2
3D printed nylon
The pendant is created by a generative algorithm based on phyllotaxis—the patterns in plant formation and growth. It is one of the countless dynamic configurations based on parametric models: forms are generated by scripts where a geometric transformation is associated to different parameters. Here the generation rule is given by Helmut Vogel's formula. r(n) = √n and θ(n) = n φ
Omega, Density and Curvature
3D printed Nylon
This bracelet is inspired by the curvature of the universe as related to the density parameter Omega. It is also based on a parametric model: the forms is generated by a script where a geometric rule is associated to different parameters. In this case the geometry rule is the generation of points according to a hexagonal pattern, which is warped to turn inside-out.
Healing Geometries
3d Printed Nylon & Laser Cut Acrylic
HEALING GEOMETRIES is a theory and praxis on meditation and embodiment of geometry as copying mechanism to mental, emotional and physical stress, spanning from psychosomatic practices to design products - where the mind-body connection is guided by geometric configurations. The interpretation of the universe according to geometric configurations has been present in the most ancient western and eastern cosmologies.
Many of the geometric forms found in nature have become symbols and archetypes, often defined as sacred geometries, including:
Platonic Solids
Flower of Life
Yin Yang
Sri Yantra
spirals, helices and mandalas.
the Möbius strip
As digital models developed into physical objects, jewelry has been the most logical function associated to these forms: wearing an earring, ring, or a bracelet is an expression of a belief.