Contemporary Geometric Beadwork

Nico Williams
Contemporary Geometric Beadwork
Nico Williams is a beadwork artist who resides in Montréal, Quebec.

He is Anishinaabe, from Aamjiwnaang “where the water flows spiritually like a braid.” Williams began experimenting with beadwork in 2015 using Japanese glass delicas, natural materials and seed beads. His use of beads explores a variety of Ojibwe fancy craft-work practices and he is actively focused on encouraging the revitalization and evolution of traditional Ojibwe fine crafts. The beadwork he creates, like fine art, responds to the artists’ environment. It is a deep reflection of love and respect for the beauty and rich visual treasures in nature.

Nico decided to go into beadwork because of a dream. One night, he dreamed that he was looking at an exhibit of big beautiful glass beaded shapes, images and culture. He was old in the dream. When he asked who made the work, a voice from behind him said, "you did." He started beading the next day, and has been at it for almost five years now.
Nico Williams
Our Thoughts Have Geometry
Beads and thread
Triangles are assembled from simple three-bead starts and grow into connected tetrahhedral faces. Each of these triangles was beaded by a different artist under the direction of Nico Williams. Participants were from Yukon, BC, Ontario, the prairies, and Quebec.

Our thoughts move outward and remain ephemeral as potential, or become intentions, and some become reality.

In this way, the energy of our thoughts must have geometry.

Other beaders who worked on this communal -Gon with Nico are:

Craig Commanda
Renee Condo
Jackson Coyes
Lèuli Eshraghi
Mylène Guay
Sam Guertin
Whitney Horne
Amanada Ibarra
Cory Hunlin
Caitlin McGuire
Nadia Myre
Scott Osborne
Shelley Ouellet
Wayne Robinson
Amanda Roy
Lydia Risi
Nico Williams
Kelsey Wilson
Sage Wright