Kris Empting-Obenland

Kris Empting-Obenland
Kris Design for special people
I'm a guest of the research team of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork.
Beads are my passion. I like to compare them with Lego: you can build anything with beads. I'm using different stitching techniques depending on the construction I want to achieve. Otherwise it's just thread and beads - seed beads mainly - that help me bring my fantasies to life.
I draw a lot of inspiration from geometry. I love how repeating strong geometric shapes over and over again creates organic textures and optics.
Plastic beads, seed beads, thread
There are two mathematically relevant aspects about this design.
1- Geometry: Dedicating my this year's work to triangles icosahedra are a logical consequence that can't be left out!
2- Arithmetic: I incorporated a number of primes into this piece. There are 19 icosahedra featuring 17 colors, together with black&white it's 19 colors. The appearence of each color on the icosa-balls amounts to 2 and 3 including 3 singles.
Plastic beads, thread
A ribbon of triangles forms an "endless" spiral. That's the basic construction of this colorful bracelet. The gaps between the spiral's loops are closed with additional pairs of triangles.