David Hirsch

Independent artist
Tel Aviv, Israel
I have always been fascinated by the realization that many of the things that seem to us complex and hard to grasp are in fact based on simple principles. This is often manifested in nature, as well as in many areas of human creation. In my work I try to search for simple geometric principles that can materialize into intriguing objects.
Animation by Shalom Buberman. Music by Nadav Cohen. Video photography and editing by Ran Brenner.
In the film I refer to the first three members of the polycon family that I've recently discovered.
All members of this family are made from identical pieces cut from multiple identical cones.
The way that the pieces are cut and joined together creates completely new harmonious entities. These bodies preserve some of the characteristic qualities of the original cones, but also possess new complex qualities pertaining to their appearance and to the way they move.