Stefan Samociuk

Penlon Farm
Wales UK
When you base research on a hunch with no reference or prior work, you have to develop tools which help guide the direction. I work more like an artist than a traditional mathematician. I have a “number canvass” on which I can develop, appraise and adjust algorithms to fulfil an assumption that if something looks and sounds nice you are heading in the right direction. Does it work? This film is a result of that hunch, a blank sheet of paper and an awful lot of computer experiments. View film at
Natural numbers, more than meets the eye (or ear!). Part one - Protofield Operators.
Protofield operators perform translations on protofields encompassing a principle of field remixing.
One operator class has been observed, the UCA. It consists of spatially ordered collections of natural numbers, including zero. UCA refers to operator visibility through the use of cellular automata, CA, U refers to the unitary aspect of a single element of control, a prime number. All spaces whose dimensionality can be enumerated with a prime number contain unique classes of operators based on the specific control prime. All space groups associated with a prime dimensional space also contain a unique sub class of operators. A special class of operators , named harmonious, occurs when the magnitude of the control prime and the dimensionality of the space are identical. The Dimensional Reduction Conjecture, DRC, states some N dimensional operators derived from sections of an M dimensional parent space, where M > N, are neither computable nor calculable in an N dimensional space.