Tomoya Tendo

Japan Tessellation Design Association
I am interested in kaleidocycles.
A kaleidocycle is a simple ring structure made from several elements connected by hinges.
The motion of this structure is hard to imagine until you actually move it.
Tetrahedra are used as elements of classical kaleidocycles. To reveal its potential power, I tried to make as many models as possible by replacing the elements with various shapes. In total, I made more than one hundred kaleidocylces last year by utilizing CAD.
The Variety of Kaleidocycles
In this movie, I will show you some of kaleidocycles I made.
The shapes of the elements starts from simple tetrahedra, then they get more complex as the movie goes toward the end.
For each kaleidocycle, only its elements are presented first for your guess, then you can see how the structure and motions look like afterward.