Ulrich Seidel

Digital Artist
Mannheim, Germany
In honour of J. S. Bach's 333rd birthday 2018 I initiated an international canon composition competition. The challenge was to code BACH333 in the music. As a mathematician and graphical artist with deep interest in music I plan to edit a booklet with all the canons that were composed and to publish recordings. The animation of Thomas M. J. Schäfer's canon JSBach333 is the first of a series to be created.
JSBach333 - canone permutativo al triangolo
Composer: Thomas M. J. Schäfer; Soloists of Fellbacher Kammerorchester: Regine Rosin (violin), Daniel Egger (viola) Cora Wacker (violoncello); Direction: Thomas M. J. Schäfer; Conception and animation: Ulrich Seidel
Thomas M. J. Schäfer composed a permutative canon for 3 voices, 30 bars and 300 seconds. The graphical score has the form of an equilateral triangle. The canon theme consists of 10 bars. The three voices have to pause sometimes for one or more bars when the theme was played. The beginning tonality is shifted, the permutations lead to dissonances and modern impression. Baroque and modern spirit are linked by romantic phrasing. The canon refers to the name, the oeuvre and the contrapuntal execution of J. S. Bach.