Jeffrey Ventrella

I am a software artist who designs fractal algorithms, cellular automata, and particle systems, employing number theory, chaos, and emergence. I write software and words about artificial life, virtual worlds, virtual body language, algorithmic art, and human-computer interaction.
Earth Day 2019
Jeffrey Ventrella (algorithm) and Robby Elfman (music)
The golden mean can be found in the length-ratios of the pentagram. It can also be found in ratios of vertex distances in the regular dodecahedron. Each of the 12 pentagonal faces of the dodecahedron can have a pentagram inscribed. From any of these 12 "mother" pentagrams, up to 5 "child" pentagrams (scaled by the golden mean) are derived. A child pentagram can in turn give birth to more pentagrams. Given sets of rules that determine the way a child pentagram is born, many fractal patterns can emerge.

This video is a screen recording of a real-time animation running in a browser. It was written in Javascript. This is the latest from a series of Earth Day animations (at ). Earth Day animations explore spherical geometry. They use earthy colors, and express the ideas of growth and evolution.

The music was composed by Robby Elfman to accompany Ventrella's algorithmic animations.