Alessandra Lamio

Pavia, Italy

Alessandra Lamio discovered origami during her childhood, but her interest only flourished in medical school, when she became aware of the therapeutic use of origami. Since 2014 she has been a full-time Origami artist. Her activity involves organising exhibitions, running workshops, training teachers, and also creating models on commission.

She exhibited her pieces in art exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Taiwan and USA. Her work explores various genres, with particular focus on volume in tessellations, geometric and figurative models.

Most of her geometric models were invented by playing with geometry and patterns. Designed instinctively, they often have internal tensions that make them challenging, but fun to fold.

LamiOri [1...5]:1
16 x 22 x 12 cm

This piece is part of a series of flexible corrugations, LamiOri: by varying two simple parameters, the aesthetic and mechanical properties change dramatically.

This version combines several models of the series, resulting in wilder unusual curvatures, and it can be displayed in many different ways.

Square Spaceness
23 x 23 x 5 cm

Designed in November 2014, Square Spaceness is the first model of a series inspired by Escher’s optical illusions. Alessandra was playing with a modular origami version of Penrose Triangle, and she wanted to obtain the same structure using just a single sheet of paper, replacing different colors with changes in volume.