Anna and Michael Chupa

Professor and Chair
Lehigh University
Bethlehem PA, USA

Florautomata incorporates juxtaposed 1D time-evolved cellular automata (CA) and biomorphic forms drawn from digital macrophotography. The intent is to demonstrate a fundamental relationship between simple code-based automata and complex biological systems that share code-based structures via DNA-based inheritance. Each instance in this series of textile works uses a cellular automata “frame” paired with a central figure based upon a floral or animal subject. The CA material is rendered via computerized embroidery on a longarm quilting machine, and the remainder of the work is quilted using freemotion techniques on the longarm.

Florautomata 1
36 x 42 cm

Macrophotography of floral subject (~ 0.25 in^2), cropped and printed to cotton sateen. Computer-generated cellular automaton imagery juxtaposed and executed using a computer-driven embroidery attachment on the Innova longarm quilting machine, The central floral subject was thread painted with freemotion techniques.

Faunautomata 1
14 x 28 cm
Ink Jet Print on Luster Paper

Faunautomata 1 is a previsualization for a textile design. We intend to print the butterfly wing to fabric, embroider the CA with a Brother PE 1050 embroidery machine, then thread paint with an ABM Innova Longarm machine following a similar process outlined with Florautomata noted above. The macrophotography was shot at Philadelphia's Insectarium. The yellow thread color selected matches a shadow in the lemon the butterfly was feeding on.