Alex Guerten


I studied graphic-design and mathematics, so I'm always happy, to combine these two disciplines.

60 x 90 cm

This is my attempt to translate the classical Spirograph into the third dimension.

Like in the classical setup, we have a point on a disc running along a curve, but in this setup we use a closed space-curve instead of a circle. The curve has a Normal-field, that gives us the orientation for the disc.

In principle this should work for any closed space-curve, but to capture the feeling of the classical Spirograph, I have restricted myself to closed space-curves on the sphere, with a normal-field pointing outwards.

14 x 22 x 2 cm

This is a 3D Version of Eschers tessellation pictures, using different layers to achieve a volumetric figure. It is a further development to last years figures, since the figures fit together forwards and backwards.