Fazila Patel

High School Math Teacher
Kansas City Academy
Missouri, USA

I love to dance with fractals! Digital fractals act as a medium through which I can represent the spontaneity of my life. Every step depends on the next and this recursive nature turns into a meditative rhythmic movement of shapes, colors, flow, and form. The peaceful dance process thus becomes the journey in the form of art. Each piece represents a certain phase of my life.

The Wall of a Young Maiden
64 x 42 cm
Apophysis software, computer

This simple piece has been designed, using fractal, to incur a light, soothing and calming effect. The image represents a 'wall' that belongs to a young maiden (the artist herself). The colors and form represent the artist's contemplative state. From a mathematical point of view the picture is symmetrical along the x and y axis. It's also symmetrical along the lines y =x and y = -x (it would have been clear had this picture been a square) It also has a rotational symmetry of 2

This fractal art was designed using Apophysis, a fractal generating software.

Lazy Autumn
64 x 51 cm
Apophysis software, computer

This fractal art represents the colors and mood of the autumn season. Each leaf is the result of smaller leaves. In terms of mathematics, each leaf's shape and design is a fractal that gets progressively smaller. The fractals are mathematical representation of crunchy and crackly autumn leaves.