Regina Bittencourt

IT Consultant and Artist
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Santiago, Chile

Mathematics is an unlimited source of inspiration and is the universal language of science and technology. Through Mathematical Art I am able to communicate with any person, independent of their language, because she understands the same thing that I capture on the canvas. I want those who stop in front of my paintings to be able to decipher what I am passionate about and made me create it, make mental calculations, understand the reason of each aesthetic decision.

Mathematics are to be discovered. They exist since the universe was created and they wait to be revealed. I want to discover its beauty.

The Chubs Flower
50 x 50 cm

This is a Chub´s algebraic surface that has a cubic symmetry with 12 nodes. The artist rotated the surface to generate The Chub’s Flower.

The Impossible Tunnel
50 x 50 cm

An algebraic surface are the points in space that satisfy a polynomial equation and can be plotted in the Cartesian coordinate system x, y, z.

The Impossible Tunnel represents a quadratic algebraic surface. Its polynomial equation is

-5*(x^2*y+x^2*z+y^2*x+y^2*z+z^2*y+z^2*x) + 2*(x*y+x*z+y*z)