Jeffrey Ventrella

I am a trained artist who writes software algorithms for the purpose of making art. I have applied my software techniques to developing number-theoretical visualizations, fractal curves, particle systems, and cellular automata. I study emergent systems and artificial life. I have published papers and presented my techniques in conferences in Europe and North America.

Organic Algorithm 137
51 x 51 x 3 cm

This image was made with the 'Bubble Tree Algorithm', designed to draw space-filling trees with variation. It is based on a fractal generator branch motif that is copied and transformed arbitrarily many times on increasingly smaller scales, maintaining the branching tree topology. An exhaustive search is applied before each branch is added to identify maximum-radius circle areas (bubbles) to grow the branch, with a goal to minimize branch overlapping.

Dozens of parameters are used to determine the generator (branch contour, width growth rate, distribution of buds, etc.) as well as coloring, and how the circles are shown. No random numbers are used. After an image is generated, optional adjustments are made to contrast and brightness.

Fractal Curve 2019
60 x 37 x 3 cm

This is a curve with a fractal dimension of 1.892. The generator was identified using a custom search algorithm that finds non-overlapping, non-crossing curves with fractal dimensions close to 2. Spline techniques are used to round-off the sharp corners of the curve to separate touch points - allowing the two domains separated by the sweep of the curve to be filled-in with color gradients.

This artwork demonstrates how fractals can exhibit a mixture of symmetry and asymmetry on many scales, which invites the eye and mind to find patterns. No random number generators were used; just edge-replacement Koch-construction, starting from a relatively-simple generator of 6 segments, with isometric transformations applied to the segments.