Allison Paschke

A basic underpinning of my work is geometry. Basic forms such as squares, circles, ellipses, grids, pyramids, and the relationships between them form compositional structures. Sequential systems inform component-based works or patterns within a piece. At the same time, each geometric structure is altered and enriched by materials and by the hand’s intervention in the forming process. I’m searching for the edge between the geometrically perfect and organically irregular, and the place where the present and the infinite coexist.

Interaction and the ephemeral are central to my work. My passion for materials has led to an investigation of light-reactive materials such as mirrors, resin, acrylic gel mediums, glass, and translucent porcelain.

obelisk, ziggurat, pyramid
38 x 38 x 4 cm
mirror, resin, acrylic gels, porcelain

Porcelain forms are mounted on a mirror that has layers of color and semi-opacity so that it remains softly reflective. The mirror reflects the porcelain elements as well as the viewer and the piece's environment.