Dina Buric

PhD student
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC, Canada

Capturing a mathematical idea within a tangible object is exciting! I enjoy experimenting with different methods, 3D printing, laser cutting, fiber arts, etc. in order to better communicate a mathematical concept. My work is meant to help the viewer understand the mathematics behind the object, but in the process, I learn to see the object with a whole new perspective.

2-adic Solenoid
2 x 8 x 8 cm

The 2-adic solenoid is quite the elusive pop star, featured on many covers of dynamical systems textbooks but rarely seen as a tangible object in our world. Fortunately, this piece can be held in the palm of your hand! It consists of three solid tori 3D printed in nickel, representing the geometric construction of the 2-adic solenoid. The second torus is stretched and wrapped inside the first, and the third is stretched, twice, and wrapped inside the second, the process can be repeated ad infinitum. The intersection of all transformed solid tori gives the solenoid. The cross-section of the piece shows a system of intersecting disks forming a Cantor set, illustrating the fact that locally, the solenoid is a Cantor set cross an interval.