Charlie Gregson

Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

When creating my artwork, I conceptualize geometric systems that involve a handful of distinct rules. Then I form compositions exhibiting chance expressions of these conditions. Recently my work has focused on grids with random segments, and the different ways in which it is possible to adapt that basic idea to more complex artistic conceptions of color and form. I have also explored orthographic projections and the perception of three dimensions in the two-dimensional plane. I use randomness to generate a wide variety of color and shape relationships within each system.

Postural Prism
47 x 39 cm
Marker and graphite on paper

This work displays a 2-dimensional arrangement of polygons that also can be perceived as an orthographic projection of a polyhedron. Sides of this polyhedron that are parallel to each other receive the same color. By viewing it this way, one can make out a somewhat lumpy structure composed of pyramid or roof-like shapes. I designed the structure in a process resembling a computation by hand. Each layer of the shape is determined by the structure of the preceding layer, as well as random variables.