Daelen Ogas

Ball State University
Indiana, USA

I took a Math and Digital Arts Honors course at Ball State University with Dr. Aceska. In this class, we worked with the program Processing and created our own digital art pieces inspired by many different artists. In the Python code that we wrote for Processing, we incorporated multiple mathematical functions, and it was an amazing experience for me to see how simple math could create unique and fascinating art. Each student focused on a more specific and challenging project as we approached the end of the course, and I researched and created computer-generated whirls. I loved working with Processing and learning about digital art.

14 x 14 cm
Processing Software

This piece features tiled whirls that have a gradient fill from white to gray to purple. I wrote all the Python code myself, but I was greatly inspired by the artwork of Kerry Mitchell and the Bridges Math article he wrote about whirls. I used a recursive function to define the whirls and then decided on the coordinate location and shape of each whirl so that they would fit together. To make the gradient colors, I multiplied each color value by a changing variable so that each iteration of the recursive whirl pattern had a slightly altered color.