Eve Torrence and Robert Fathauer

Professor of Mathematics; artist/small business owner
Randolph-Macon College; Tessellations Company
Ashland, Virginia; Phoenix, Arizona

We've both been creating mathematical models and mathematical art for a number of years, and we're both fascinated by the forms of hyperbolic geometry and negative curvature. Eve has extensive crocheting experience, and Robert has been working in ceramics for several years. The idea behind this collaboration is to create unique and beautiful objects by combining ceramics and hyperbolic crochet.

Mother Monkey's Saddle
40 x 40 x 20 cm
Ceramic and Alpaca yarn

The ceramic portion of this sculpture is a surface known as a monkey saddle. The surface has negative Gaussian curvature at every point except the origin, which has zero curvature. The three lobes of the surface provide room for two legs and a tail. The hyperbolic crochet extends and exponentially increases the curve of the saddle. The many curls of the crochet provide seats for lots of smaller monkeys to sit with their tails on mom's saddle.