Sharol Nau

Northfield, Minnesota, USA

I’ve been an artist since the 1970’s. More recently my artistic designs are based on simple math problems, simple is good as I’m not a mathematician yet I have an appreciation of what can be done with mathematics. The math problems I've worked with include The Goldbach Conjecture where I created a design that I used in many two dimensional works. These pieces varied from drawing, prints, paintings, assemblages or a mix of all these. How Many Triangles Do you see was a series of collages and prints. Folded books serve to illustrate the beauty of Longest Crease, Parabola and Spirals without destroying the books but re-purposing them as sculptures.

Quotable Woman
17 x 15 x 13 cm
Folded Book

In the folded book, Quotable Woman, a spiral of Archimedes is formed along the top edge and a cylindrical helix along the front. Furthermore, there’s an internal conical helix (not visible) produced by points to which the active corners of the pages are folded.