Jan Paredaens

Emeritus, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Department Computer Science
Antwerp, Belgium
Jan Paredaens (°1947) has been a professor at the University of Antwerp (Belgium), the Technical University Eindhoven (Netherlands) and the Free University Brussels (Belgium).
He has been Dean of the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Design Sciences, both at the University of Antwerp.
His research area was computer science, programming languages and databases. He published some books on these fields.
The complete list of his international publications contains more than 130 refereed papers and can be found in https://dblp.uni-trier.de/search?q=paredaens.
Since a few years he generates abstract videos. They are generated using the software of Processing and Box2D.
Most of his videos are about one minute long and are abstract works with a scientific and mathematical flavour.
As such, his videos are the output of computer programs, written in Processing, and using many mathematical and software techniques.
Heart Curve
By rotating a variable line, whose endpoints are on a given circle, we obtain repetitive patterns which occasionally resemble fractals and Mandelbrot sets.
The circle circumference is uniformly divided in 200 points. Each time point i is connected to point (t x i), where t=0 in the start and t grows linearly in time.
The video is generated using a computer and Processing.