Nick Sayers

Brighton, UK

I make art inspired by science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). My artworks include drawing machines, spherical sculptures, geodesic domes, pinhole photography, and functional objects such as lampshades. I often use repurposed and everyday materials in my work to make these abstract STEM subjects relatable, real, and fun. My work explores the beauty of mathematics and the creative possibilities of recycling.

Bicycle Spirograph 4
75 x 68 x 25 cm
Repurposed child’s bicycle, wood, metal, plastic, felt-tip pens, paper

Bicycle Spirograph 4 is the fourth in a series of epitrochoid/hypotrochoid drawing machines I’ve made from scrap bikes. I built this one from a small toddler bike, to be suitcase-sized for travel to two South Korean art exhibitions in October 2019. As it’s made from a single-gear bike, pattern variation is created by moving the pivot pins and pens between various holes. Different sets of 1 to 5 felt-tip pens can also create colour palette variations. Patterns are drawn by rotating the back wheel – the rotational movement is translated via a piston-like drawing arm onto the drawing mat attached to the crank (where the pedal used to be). I use 21cm square paper pinned with magnets onto this drawing mat. It has been popular at science events.