Anika Harper

I’m Anika, a student who enjoys math, art and programming. In addition, I often combine these three things by writing code to generate mathematical art.

Exponential Arches
30 x 30 cm
Digital Print

This artwork is based on a concept which involves connecting each point (x, y) on a coordinate grid (where x and y are integers) to some point (f(x, y), g(x, y)) - in other words, a vector field. For this particular piece, I chose f(x,y) to be equal to x^2 and g(x, y) to be equal to xy - I also inputted a finite number of points (x, y) (rather than trying to calculate what shape the graph would approach as the number of points increased) for aesthetic reasons. The colouring of each line is based on its slope, with lines with a negative slope being orange and lines with a positive slope being blue.