Ethan Bolker and Hiroko Takano

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics / Mathematical Technician
UMass Boston / National Museum of Mathematics
Boston, Massachusetts / New York, New York, USA
Ethan Bolker has built mathematical models ever since he read
Hugo Steinhaus's "Mathematical Snapshots" more than 60 years
ago. Hiroko Takano is a mathematical technician at the National Museum
of Mathematics.
Stellated Dodecahedron
20 x 20 x 20 cm
Paolo Uccello, Johannes Kepler and M. C. Escher drew the small
stellated dodecahedron. You can fold one from its net of 60 isosceles
triangles - but it's better built by weaving together twelve
nonconvex interlocking pentagrammatical faces. No tape. No glue.

We're still trying assemble the great stellated dodecahdron from the same