Hao Nguyen

Undergraduate Student
Mathematics Department, Western Connecticut State University
Danbury, Connecticut, US

I am studying Mathematics and Chemistry for my undergraduate degree at Western Connecticut State University. Despite focusing on Math and Science, I still aspire to be an artist. I believe that anything can be implemented into art, and art is not just about creation and originality, but it depends on our subjective point of view and how individuals interpret the artistic aspect of something. I like to bring together different ideas and concepts and give them new meanings and unique quality.

Geometric Vase
16 x 16 x 22 cm

This artwork revolves around integrating different mathematical concepts to give a new aesthetic perspective. The idea is to start with something simple, but by performing several different mathematical operations on that object to create something that may look nothing like the original object. The construction process involves using a 2D sketch of a rosette pattern constructed using circles around a pentagon and then implementing the design onto a dodecahedron. The main operation in this project is rotations and 3D extrusion. The structure of the final product is created by operating on a dodecahedron, and the implementation of the rosette design give the overall artistic aesthetic.