Jeffrey Stewart Ely

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Mathematical Sciences Department, Lewis and Clark College
Portland, Oregon, USA
I am interested in applying computer graphical techniques to
illuminate mathematical processes and objects. Ideally, this
can lead to a deeper understanding or at least to an increased
appreciation and awareness of the process or object.
Some of my projects are implemented as billions of particles,
others use the ray tracing technique and hundreds of millions
of rays. In either case, I do not use "canned" software,
preferring to write the code myself to first principles.
Sum i=1,5 Helix^i
60 x 40 cm
Metal Print
This image of helices coiled around other helices was an
exercise in recursive programming and parametric equations,
with a liberal use of tangent, normal, and binormal vectors
to specify finer and finer 'helices' beyond the original
true helix. It is hoped that the abuses of notation in the title
will be forgiven.