Kerry Mitchell

Peoria, Arizona, USA

My work is composed primarily of computer generated, mathematically-inspired, abstract images. I draw from the areas of geometry, fractals and numerical analysis, and combine them with image processing technology. The resulting images powerfully reflect the beauty of mathematics that is often obscured by dry formulae and analyses.

Blue Mountain
40 x 40 cm
Digital print on aluminum panel

This image represents two complete sparse rulers of length 200. The horizontal bars in the image correspond to the marks needed to indicate a given length, from 200 at the bottom to 1 at the top. For example, a bar from 120 to 156 along the horizontal axis illustrates the length 36. Since neither ruler is a perfect ruler, there is some duplication in the combination of marks for a given length, so artistic license was used to chose the pairs illustrated.

40 x 40 cm
Digital print on aluminum panel

My inspiration for this image came from studies of kolam and sona drawings, as done in Asian and African cultures, respectively. Both involve drawings a loop around a grid of points, such that the continuous path goes once around each dot and returns to its beginning. In this case, the grid is 16 x 16 dots and the loop was constructed to exhibit symmetry in each column of dots. The hue of the curve's color varies along the path, to help the viewer keep track of it, and to align with the cyclical concepts behind this type of art.