James Stasiak

Photo/Graphic Artist
New Milford, Connecticut, USA

I photograph natural and man-made designs, colors, and compositions, and create images from these photos in a directed meditative process that I call Improvisational Development. Every aspect of digital photography from capture to editing to reproduction is based on equations which determine how form, geometry and color interact. I frequently use tessellation, mirroring and polar projections for structure. My work uses these interactions as creative tools to construct and evolve images to communicate my process and imagination. My photo editing software is the mathematical construct housing my artist's toolbox, color palette and canvas; my intuition and improvisational skills provide direction, and both respond well to happy surprises.

On The Tracks
45 x 60 cm
Digital Photo Improvisation, Archival Print on metal

This piece was inspired by the perspective of train tracks, drawing me into the vanishing point, with the implied motion to get there. This print began as a photograph of such tracks, and evolved into a more encompassing round perspective view. The use of tessellation and polar projections were key in creating this perspective; the mathematical adjustment of color interactions helped me create the mood. This is my unique expression of an imaginary image.

In Spirit
60 x 40 cm
Digital Photo Improvisation, Archival Print on metal

This print evolved from an original photo, through various iterations of tessellation, polar projections, and mathematical adjustment of color interactions. I was able to portray a spiritual development through these iterations, and chose this one to present my resolution of a spiritual conflict at the time.