Rashmi Sunder-Raj

Mathematical Artist
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

I seek patterns to make sense of my world. Some of these I choose to interpret as visual images.

Sometimes this involves tessellations, sometimes crochet...and sometimes other things.

Cairo Transitions
30 x 30 cm
Digital print
2018 (some touch-ups in 2019)

I had some fun a while back exploring links between cubes inside dodecahedrons and the Cairo tiling (a monohedral pentagonal tiling). This image is an attempt to show a transition from portions of a dodecahedron within a square grid to the same portions within the pentagonal tiling. I had used it in a short video exploring similar topics which was shown at the Bridges 2018 Short Film Festival.

Sempervivum Tetrakaideca
30 x 30 cm
Digital print

I have made numerous patterns involving simple rhombus rosettes of various sizes, and explored some of their properties. This is a 7-fold pattern involving heptagons, rhombi, and large portions of 14-fold rhombus rosettes. It can be extended outwards to fill the plane.