Regina Bittencourt

IT Consultant and Artist
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Santiago, Chile
Even though our culture has two separate disciplines for mathematics and art, I feel that mathematics is of unique intrinsic
beauty. And it is what I wanted to show when doing each artwork: to express the beauty of a curve, the game of algorithms
and how the organization of numbers can form algebraic surfaces.

I want to discover the beauty of mathematics.
A Colorful World and a Shared Future
48 x 48 cm
Giclée on museum canvas
Image rendered using 5 polynomial equations. Each one displays different algebraic surfaces: 3 of them are the ribbons that surround the sphere. And the star is a Barth Sextic surface.

The polynomial equations are:
x^2-y^2-z*a=0 and

The image represents our world on the infinite of the universe. Harmony in diversity, beauty, good fortune, wealth, fertility and hope, surround our world in colored ribbons. The beautiful star is our shared bright golden future.