Rona Gurkewitz, Bennett Arnstein

Professor Emerita of Computer Science, retired mechanical engineer
Western Connecticut State University
Danbury, Connecticut, USA

The Dimpled Dodecahedron was designed by Rona and folded by Bennett. Rona designed it when exploring a flat modular, octagonal model by Lewis Simon. She likes to make polyhedra from simple modules and particularly likes modules that can be used to make different polyhedra when assembled in different numbers.Instructions for this model appear in "Beginner's Book of Modular Origami Polyhedra: The Platonic Solids", Gurkewitz, Arnstein. Dover, 2008.

Dimpled Dodecahedron
17 x 17 x 17 cm
20 lb. copy paper

This modular origami polyhedron is a variation of the Platonic Solid, dodecahedron. It is made from 90 modules folded from squares. There are two types of modules, 60 that make up the 12 pentagonal cones, and 30 that each connect two cones along an edge of the dodecahedron. The modules are very simple. The cones are made of modules that are half of the traditional paper cup, linked together. The connectors are kite bases on opposite corners of a square. No adhesive is used to hold the model together. Many other polyhedra can be made with this system by varying the number of cones and the polygon that is the cone's rim and folding the appropriate number of connectors.The central angle of the modules is 45 degrees.