Ayliean MacDonald

Teacher of Mathematics
Craigie High School
Dundee, Scotland
As a Maths teacher I look for creative ways to explore, explain and spark interest in Maths. My art often focuses on the use of timelapse drawings of patterns and fractals to show growth and progression of sequences which may not be obvious through still images of the Mathematical objects themselves. Through the near meditative process of longform Mthematical drawings I have often found connections to other areas of Maths. It is true that a computer programme or printer may be able to achieve the same result as me, but hand drawing gives me the time to think and feel out every part of the pattern, getting to know it like a familiar street.
Ayliean MacDonald
If you look closely you can find fractals between the fractals. Fractals often seem to come in families of shared patterns and growths, here we explore one such family - looking at the shapes, numbers, natural and industrial applications associated with the series of linked fractals. All seeded by one square.